Minuta de la reunión del Board de Directores de la SLAAI, San Antonio, USA

San Antonio, USA – 23/24 February, 2013

Participants: Prof. Alfonso Cepeda , Prof. Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani , Dr. Juan Carlos Ivancevich , Dr. Edgardo Jares , Dr. Paolo Tassinari, Dr. Ignacio J. Ansotegui, Dr. Maximiliano Gómez, Dra. Anahí Yáñez, Dr. João Negreiros Tebyriçá, Dr. Antonio Castillo, Dr. Carlos Baez, Dr. Mario Sanchez Borges, Marta Calderai

1. New Board of Directors 2013-2014

The Board of Directors for the biennium 2013-2014 has been finalized. The last and new official communications will be sent during this week.

Enclosed the final version of the official BoD 2013-2014 (annex 1) also for publication on the SLaai website.

2. Congress 2015

Information about Date and Location for the next SLaai Congress have been formalized and circulated among the Exhibitors to the AAAAI, through the following flyer:

3. SLaai-AIM Contract Extension

The Contract Amendment has been signed by Prof. Cepeda on February 25, 2013.

The Amendment is simply an extension of the already existing contract, until the end of 2015, in order to let AIM organize the next congress that will be held in the same year. Conditions of the original contract are unchanged.

4. Economical-financial aspects:

Has been discussed the current financial situation, and agreed that AIM will keep for now the following amounts for SLaai:

- SLaai to receive from AIM from the 2012 Congress = $ 8.563,72

- AIM received from SLaai in San Antonio 2013 = Efectivo $ 880.00 + Cheques $ 270.00

Total = $ 9713,72

SLaai has to decide how to proceed with the society’s bank account. The options are keep the actual bank account in Paraguay or open a new one in Miami, with less administrative costs.

This issue must be analyzed and discussed in order to take a decision within the next few months.

5. Institutional SLaai Website: renovation & management

The need of having a new institutional website has been discussed only superficially.

This topic must be analyzed and discussed in the next future in order to take a decision.

6. SLaai Constitution amendment

All the participants worked hard to renovate and modernize the SLaai Statute.

The result is a draft (annex 2) for the new Statute that have to be approved in the next Extraordinary General Assembly. This assembly should be called for next June, during the EAACI-WAO Congress in Milan.

7. SLaai Journal

In this moment the official journal of SLaai is Revista Alergia México. The Society wants now to have its own journal to be published and distributed online for all its members. Dr. Cepeda proposed also to try to obtain a sort of annex in the WAO journal, in order to have a easier way to circulate the SLaai name.

Purpose for the next Meeting and Extraordinary Assembly:

- Take a final decision regarding the bank Account

- Consider the possibility to create a new institutional website

- Take actions related to the publication of a SLaai journal, or annex in the WAO journal.